DVI and HDMI Extenders

WolfPack DVI Extenders are devices that allow you to extend the distance of a DVI signal. They are typically used in applications where a DVI cable cannot reach the desired display device.

There are two types of DVI extenders:

  • Active Extenders: These extenders use electronic components to amplify the DVI signal, allowing it to travel over longer distances.
  • Passive Extenders: These extenders do not use any electronic components, and they are only capable of extending the signal over shorter distances.

WolfPack DVI Extenders Feature:

  • Support for different resolutions: Our DVI extenders support resolutions up to 1920x1200 at 60Hz. Some extenders also support higher resolutions, such as 2560x1440 and 3840x2160.
  • Support for different refresh rates: Our DVI extenders support refresh rates up to 60Hz. Some extenders also support higher refresh rates, such as 120Hz and 144Hz.
  • Long transmission distance: DVI extenders can extend the signal over distances of up to 100 meters.
  • Easy to use: These WolfPack DVI extenders are typically easy to set up and use. They are used with a CAT6 single cable that connects the transmitter to the receiver.

We also have DVI extenders that have DVI connections on one side and HDMI connections on the other side.


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