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BYO WolfPad Tablet Control System
Change DirecTV "channels"
Simulates DirecTV Remote
Change Cable Box "channels"
Simulates Cable Box Remote
Up to DTV or Cable Boxes
Supports up to 48-TVs
Shows Video on the tablet
Supports IR Streaming Boxes
Matrix Switch or Tablet Not Supplied
Comes with 30-FAVORITES (see pic)
Must Purchase iOS & Android Apps directly
5-Year Warranty
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Get a QUOTE on our Build Your Own WolfPad TV Control Systems for use with our WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers. It is an App and hardware design to easily control and route HDMI signals within a sports bar, or similar, environment. It allows you to send DirecTV receivers, or cable boxes, to TVs in any combination, as well as allows you to change their TV "channels" on the same tablet. See the above pictures.

All you need to get a WolfPad TV Tablet Control quote is to fill out the required options and we will send you a quotation on the same day.

This BYO WolfPad Sports Bar Tablet Control System is for our WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers and is designed to be a simple, easy to use,  control system. Unlike other control systems that require extensive installer knowledge and configuration, the system is designed for a single propose, to change which TV’s (Displays) are connected to each source and allow you to change channels on that source....all on one tablet of your choice. 

You can use the App on a iPad, Fire TV tablet, a Samsung tablet, and an Android tablet, just let us know your choice, as they are not supplied.

APPS: You will need to get the APPS yourself as they are licensed to you. The APP is called Crestron Go; the APP is free but to use the window preview function you will need to purchase the APP upgrade.

iOS -

Android - In the android play store it will come up as "Crestron App". If you do not see it in the Android store here is a link to the APK for the Crestron app as we use Adobe Air:

The control of the source devices is by IR so, in general, any source device that has IR may be operated but call us on your needs.

We designed these WolfPadPlus Sports Bar Tablet Control Systems to be used by:

  • Sports bar owners w/o a technical knowledge
  • Waitresses w/o a technical knowledge
  • Hostesses w/o a technical knowledge
  • Bartenders w/o a technical knowledge
  • DJs w/o technical a knowledge
  • ...and other similar employees

The Sports Bar owner will never be called at home and asked how you control the matrix when you buy one of our WolfPack Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers and this WolfPad control device. Also, the morale of the employees should improve as it is so easy to operate the system.


WolfPad Sports Bar Tablet Control System Specs:

  1. Works with WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers
  2. Wireless Tablet Control
  3. Uses only one iPad page
  4. Any in, to any TV, any way you want
  5. Supports DirecTV Receivers
  6. Supports Cable boxes
  7. Supports Streaming devices with their remote control
  8. Supports a mixture of Cable boxes & DirecTV receivers
  9. Change the DirecTV "channels" on a tablet
  10. Send any channel to up to 48-TVs
  1. Change the Cable box "channels" on a tablet
  2. See source Video on the tablet (see pic)
  3. Send any Cable box channel to up to 47-TVs
  4. Supports IR control of DirecTV receivers
  5. Supports IR control of Cables Boxes
  6. Rack mounted processor for system control
  7. Turn TVs OFF & ON with buttontablet button
  8. Field Upgradeable as your needs grow
  9. No Monthly or Yearly Fees
  10. Easy to Build Your Own (BYO)

The WolfPad hardware is a compact rack mounted Ethernet control system designed for small to medium sized commercial control applications using multiple DirecTV receivers, Cables Boxes, as well as other IR devices. 

Our TV Control System fits well in Sports bars, Restaurants, Bowling alleys, Casinos, Country Clubs, Gyms, Sports arenas, Sports training facilities, and more.

Call us today with your configuration for a custom quote if this doesn't meet your needs. Also, scroll down to see a choice of WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers that are compatible with this control system.

Why not build your own WolfPad Sports Bar Tablet Control System for WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers today?

How to Use our WolfPad Tablet Control System for HDMI Matrix Switchers:

Using the system is straight forward as all functions are handled on the single screen illustrated here.

First you will select the source you would like to control and then select source button and it will turn gray and the name of the selected source will appear near the top of the screen.

The TV buttons on the right will turn gray indicating the TVs that are currently connected to the selected source and by touching a TV button will put that TV on to the selected source. If you touch a gray TV button that TV will go to the last source it was on and this function is known as "undo".

If you hit a TV by mistake you can simply hit it again and it will go back to the source it was last connected to.

The middle buttons are the controls for the selected source and work exactly like the buttons on your original remote for that device, in this case a DirecTV receiver.

WolfPad Sports Bar Tablet Control System Contents:

  • 1 - Proprietary Control Code for interfacing to a WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switch
  • 1 - 6-foot male to male RS232 cable connecting to a WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switch
  • 1 - Proprietary WolfPad Tablet App
  • 1 - Rackmount Controller with an AC adapter
  • 1 - Streamer for Video
  • 1 - Customizer
  • In stock
  • IR cables for IR controlled devices
  • 2 - Hours of setup
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Returns
  • WolfPack Matrix Switch or a Tablet is not supplied

These features make the WolfPad a versatile and powerful control system suitable for a wide range of automation and control applications, from luxury homes to corporate environments, educational institutions, and beyond.

TABLET CONTROL HARDWARE: The WolfPad TV Control system is supplied with a Pre-owned Crestron Control Box with a 5-Year Warranty. It may have minor cosmetic defects that in no way affects the operation. We do it this way to offer you a dramatic lowering of cost compared to competing systems. Legacy Crestron products are American built and are made to last.

NOTE: We interface to many cable boxes but if you are using this WolfPad Sports Bar Control system please tell us which one you have for us to check that we have the appropriate interface.

Our optional Cloud based Customizer connects the WolfPad to the cloud enabling us to tailor the system to your exact requirements and is required for cable or media box controls. Hourly fees for custom support may apply.

Why not build your own WolfPad TV Tablet Control System for WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers today?

WolfPad Sports Bar Tablet Control System User Manual

How to use the DirecTV Buttons for the Sports Bar Tablet Control System

Why not build your own Tablet Control System for WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers today?

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